Repromix is a semen cocktail of high fertility sires.  This combination of pooled semen has proven to increase conception rates by 6% above the control and when used on problem cows (those defined as fourth service and over), the fertility increase ranged from 3% – 6.6%.

Current studies on close to 1000 calvings show that nearly two-thirds of the resulting calves are Holstein when mated to a Holstein cow.


Repromix Cocktails that are presently available:




Repromix 38:  Mr Chartroi Laurento-ET (HO) x Rockymountain Lochinvar (HO) x Roylant Flex-ET (HO)

Repromix 32: Sandy-Valley Artistic-ET (HO) x All Lynns Vinnie-ET (JE) x Son In Law (AN)

Repromix 43: Covington Milad-P-ET (JE) x GF Son In Law (AN) x Rolyane Flex-ET (HO)

Repromix 45: Rockymountain Tribute (HO) x Rockymountain Lochinvar (HO) x Benner Barman (HO)




Repromix 17: D’Albanel Jurassic (AY) x Top Acres JSC Shebang (BS) x Posthaven Polled Urban Cowboy (LM)

Repromix 33: Covington Milad-P-ET (JE) x Orthridge DA Bomb-P-ET (JE) x Sun Valley Prevue-P-ET (JE)

Repromix 47: Yosemite Promotion-ET (JE) x Sunset Canyon Insight-ET (JE) x Ahlem Ratcliffe-ET (JE)





Repromix 40: Red Ter-Ron Monopoly 84A (AR) x Saskvalley Yesterday 116Y (SP) x Burnside Rib Eye 13Z (HP)