The company employs four Artificial Insemination Technicians located throughout the Province, who provide daily service to our members.  Our technicians are all veteran inseminators, each with many years service with the company.  Our conception rate is consistently at or above the National Average.



Our Field Service Representatives, Scottie Colpitts and Jeanette Van der Linden are specially trained to deliver the PROGEN Herd Mating program to our dairy member/customers.  The service involves a visit to the farm to assess the herd, with an individual assessment of each cow (Type).  Classification records (if available), and Valacta production records. The breeder identifies his goals for production and type, and the data is loaded into a computer.  The data is processed and a report is provided to the customer, indicating the best sire to use (5 choices) on each cow in the herd.  Many of our members have found this service to be extremely useful in selecting sires for the herd.



Many of our customers inseminate their own cows, and to accommodate their needs, we have a regular semen and supply visit schedule throughout the province.  The sales staff are knowledgeable and are well equipped to fulfill the needs of our direct sales clientele.



NSAB is the sole distributer for dairy and beef sires for the Semex Alliance – an international company based in Canada which is highly respected throughout the world.  This affiliation ensures that our member/customers have the same opportunity as every other breeder in Canada to use the very best genetics in their breeding program.